– Treat everyone with respect
– Follow CHAMPS
– During small or whole group discussions, please raise your hand when you have a comment or question


CHAMPS is a behavior model adopted by Fort Bend ISD. CHAMPS is an acronym that helps students understand what is expected of them during each activity.

Conversation (What is the noise level?)
Help (How can I ask for help?)
Activity (What am I working on?)
Movement (Where should I be for the activity?)
Participation (What does participation look and sound like?)

Self-Improvement Book

After misbehavior has repeatedly occurred, it is recorded in the Oops Book by your child in their own words as a reflection of their actions and again in the agenda.


– Homework and assessments are recorded in the agenda on Monday
– Please sign the agenda daily (only if the agenda is written in)
– Repeated offenses are recorded in the agenda

Tuesday Folder

– Sent home Tuesday and returned to school signed on Wednesday
– Misbehavior is shown as slashes on the form (please see agenda for details)
– Remove papers and graded assessments
– Sign and return failed assessments the next school day

Report Card

– Sent home the Thursday after the next nine weeks has started: 10/25, 1/10, 3/21, and 5/24
– Please keep the report card and any papers inside
– Sign and return the envelope the next school day
– Key (based on Tuesday Folder conduct marks)
       – Exceeds: Exceeds grade level expectations
       – Satisfactory: Meets grade level expectations
       – Needs Improvement: Below grade level expectations (Multiple slashes, at least 3, in same area)