– Provides extra practice on the skills we learn in class and develops good study habits from an early age.
– Homework is a great way to teach responsibility and independence.
– Completed homework left at home is marked as not being completed in the Cougar Folder.
– Students should spend about 35 minutes a night on homework. If it takes longer, please contact me.


Given Monday, assigned Monday – Thursday, due Friday

       – Spiral review (about 5 questions daily, starts with 2nd grade concepts and then 3rd)

       – Worksheet based on previously taught concepts (odd numbers only, about 10 problems)
              – Also used as assessment review sheets (specified on homework cover sheet)
       – Greg Tang math facts practice (addition, subtraction, and then multiplication)
       TenMarks (problem solving)
       – Khan Academy (problem solving)
       – Pearson Realize (problem solving)
       – Reflex Math (math fact fluency)


No weekly homework

        – Pre-reading sections of the textbook
        – Counts towards reading homework
        – Study guides will be sent home before major grades
        – Online resources available for each unit under the Science tab on the main menu



Write for the entire week on Monday, sign and checked daily

– Homework and assessments are written in the agenda on Monday
– Please only sign for that day and if there is something written for that day

Tuesday Folder

Sign every Tuesday, return and checked Wednesday

– If your child receives a slash, details are documented in the agenda
– Please only sign for that week

Report Card

Sign on Thursday, return on Friday once per nine weeks

– Sent home the Thursday after the next nine weeks has started: 10/26, 1/11, 3/22, and 5/31
– Please keep the report card and any papers inside
– Please only sign for that nine weeks and return the envelope the next school day
– Key (based on Tuesday Folder conduct marks)
       – Exceeds: Exceeds grade level expectations
       – Satisfactory: Meets grade level expectations
       – Needs Improvement: Below grade level expectations (multiple slashes in same area)