Nurse Scott’s Snack Guidelines


– One morning and afternoon snack eaten at any time
– Healthy snacks only (right section)
        – No sugar in first five ingredients (sugar is also fructose and glucose)
        – No chips, cookies, chocolate dipped granola bars, and candy/fruit gummies
– Nothing messy (ex. yogurt, jello, pudding, etc.)
– Only water bottles (no vitamin water or powders)
– No nuts due to allergies

Healthy Snack Ideas

– Cut up raw vegetables such as carrot sticks
– Apple slices or bananas
– Raisins, apricots, other dried fruits

– Edamame (Japanese boiled soy beans in the pods)

– Hummus with whole grain crackers/pita bread

– Tortilla roll-ups with turkey and low fat cheese

– Cheddar cheese & whole grain crackers

– Low-fat mozzarella string cheese

– Whole grain crackers
          – Triscuits
          – Multigrain Wheat Thins

– Whole grain tortillas

– Granola bars
        – Nature Valley crunchy
        – Kroger chewy apple/cinnamon
        – Country Choice
        – Oatmeal squares
        – Kashi
        – TLC
        – Nature’s Path Organic

– Whole grain pretzels
        – Snyders multigrain sticks

– Bagels

– Bran muffins with raisins

– Banana bread

– Zucchini bread

– Rice cakes

– Low-fat graham crackers

– 100% whole grain Fig Newtons