The study of plant and animal life


The study of honey bees

General Information


– BrainPOP: Honey bees
– BrainPOP: Pollination
– Discovery Education: Bees
– Discovery Education: Bees and Plants
– Magic School Bus: In a Beehive

Type of Honey Bee


– Match the parts (game)

Bee Dances



The study of plant life

– BrainPOP Jr.: Parts of a plant
– BrainPOP Jr.: Plant life cycle
– Magic School Bus: Gets Planted
– Discovery Education: Discovery Channel – Life Cycle, Generation P
– Discovery Education: Discovery Channel – Diversity, It Takes All Kinds
– Discovery Education: Discovery Channel – Nature’s Neighbors
– BBC: Plant growth simulator (can also label the parts of a plant)


The study of organisms and their interaction with each other in a common environment


Food Chains & Webs

Teaching Tools
     – Brain Pop Jr.: Food Chain
     – Brain Pop: Food Chain
     – EduWeb: Food web relationships

Parts of a Food Chain
     Producer -> Consumer -> Decomposer

Types of Consumers
     Herbivore (plant eater)
     Carnivore (meat eater)
     Omnivore (plant and meat eater)

Types of Food Chains
     – Sheppard: Simple
     – Sheppard: Larger

     – Sheppard: Parts of a food chain
     – Sheppard: Types of consumers
     – Sheppard: Food chain
     – BBC: Deadly 60

Online Quizzes
     – The Teacher’s Spot: Food chain and web
     – Quia: Energy pyramid


– BrainPOP: Ecosystems

Land Biomes
– BrainPOP: Land Biomes

– BrainPOP Jr.: Freshwater
     – BrainPOP: Everglades

– BrainPOP Jr.: Ocean
     – BrainPOP: Ocean
     – BrainPOP: Underwater world
     – BrainPOP: Ocean floor

– BrainPOP Jr.: Desert
     – BrainPOP: Desert

Deciduous & Coniferous Forests
– BrainPOP Jr.: Forests
     – BrainPOP: Taiga

– BrainPOP Jr.: Rainforests
     – BrainPOP: Tropical rainforest

Savanna (Grasslands)
– BrainPOP: Savanna

– BrainPOP Jr.: Arctic
     – BrainPOP: Tundra

Natural Resources

Teaching Tools
     – BrainPop Jr.: Natural Resources
     – BrainPOP: Natural Resources
     – Discovery Education: Natural Resources
     – Discovery Education: Investigating Earth’s Natural Resources
     – Discovery Eduction: Magic School Bus – Holiday Special

REduce, REuse, & REcycle

How are we changing our environment?
      – Brain Pop Jr.: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Meet the Greens! A family who cares for our environment.
      – The Greens: Watch this one-minute online episode about the “7 Big Ideas” that will save our planet.



The classification of living things

– Brain Pop Jr.: Classifying animals


The study of animals

Teaching Tools
     – BrainPop Jr.: Extinct or endangered species
     – Discovery Education: Simple & compound machines

Online Quizzes

     – Quia: True or false

Need Help From the Textbook?

Apiology: None
Botany: Unit 11
Ecology, Taxonomy, & Zoology: Unit 12

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