The study of the structure, properties, and reactions of chemicals

States/Phases of Matter

There are four phases of matter that are most well known; however, there are many more phases than the ones listed below.

Teaching Tools
      – Brain Pop Jr.: Solids, liquids, & gases
      – BrainPOP: States of matter
      – BBC: Deadly 60
      – Discovery Education: States of matter

The states of matter in order from the most to least energy:
      – Plasma
      – Gas
      – Liquid
      – Solid
      – Bose-Einstein condensate (discovered in 1995)
      – Fermionic condensate (discovered in 2003)

      – Discovery Education: A closer look at states of matter (clip)
      – What the molecules look like for solids, liquids, and gases

– Chem4Kids

      – Space Weather Center: States of matter sorter (excluding Bose-Einstein condensate)

Physical Properties

Teaching Tools
      – Discovery Education: Physical properties of matter
      – Discovery Education: Identifying physical properties of matter
      – Discovery Education: Using 5 senses to identify physical properties of matter

– Tagxedo

Measuring Matter

– BrainPOP: Measuring matter

Conductors & Insulators

– BBC: Deadly 60

Types of Changes

Types of Changes
     – BrainPOP Jr.: Physical and chemical changes
     – BrainPOP: Property changes
     – Discovery Education: Changes in matter
     – Discovery Education: Physical and chemical changes

Types of Physical Changes
– BrainPOP Jr.: Changes between states of matter
     – BrainPOP: Matter changing states
     – Mixtures
     – Examples of mixtures
     – Mixtures vs. solutions
     – Solutions vs. mixtures

Types of Chemical Changes

     – Match burning in slow motion

     – Gummy Bear in molten potassium chlorate

Compounds vs. Mixtures
     – BrainPOP: Compounds & mixtures

     – BBC

     – MI High: Chemical vs. physical change

Online Quizzes
     – Quia: Physical or chemical change?
     – Quia: Mixtures

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