The study of Earth and its physical features


The study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water on Earth and other planets, including the hydrologic cycle, water resources and environmental watershed sustainability

Teaching Tools
     – BrainPOP Jr.: Water cycle
     – Discovery Education: Water cycle
     – BrainPOP: Water cycle
     – BrainPOP: Ground water
     – BrainPOP: Water pollution
     – BrainPOP: Conserving water
     – Magic School Bus: Wet All Over

     – How much water do you use?


The study of the atmosphere

– BrainPOP: Atmosphere
– BrainPOP: Ozone layer
– BrainPOP: Weather
– BrainPOP Jr.: Temperature
– BrainPOP: Temperature
– BrainPOP: Clouds
– BrainPOP: Thunderstorms
– BrainPOP: Wind
– BrainPOP: Tornadoes
– BrainPOP: Hurricanes
– Discovery Education: Meteorology
– Discovery Education: Forecasting & weather instruments
– Discovery Education: Weather instruments


– BrainPOP Jr.: Landforms
– Discovery Education: Landforms – Number One (general introduction)
Discovery Education: Landforms (plains, plateaus, mountains, hill, valleys, canyons)
Discovery Education: Exploring Landforms (hills, valleys, mountain, plateaus, and plains)
– Discovery Education: Let’s Talk Geography (how mountains & valleys form and compares plateau, mesa, & butte)
Discovery Education: Geographical Features (more details of each type of landform)


The study of soil in its natural environment

– Discovery Education: Layers of soil and how it forms
– Brain Pop Jr.: Soil
– BrainPOP: Soil
– Sarah Jane Adventures: Rocks & soils

Rapid Changes to Land

– BrainPOP Jr.: Rapid changes to land

     – BrainPOP: Earthquakes
     – Discovery Education: Earthquakes

     – BrainPOP: Volcanoes
     – Discovery Education: Volcanoes

     – BrainPOP: Floods
     – Discovery Education: Floods

     – BrainPOP: Tsunami
     – Discovery Education: Tsunami

     – Discovery Education: Mudslide

Slow Changes to Land

– BrainPOP Jr.: Slow changes to land
– Discovery Education: Weathering
– BrainPOP: Weathering
– National Geographic: Crystal Palace
– Discovery Education: Erosion
– Discovery Education: Grand Canyon
– BrainPOP: Erosion
– Discovery Education: Deposition
– BrainPOP: Glaciers
– Discovery Education: Glacial valley
– Discovery Education: Continental glaciers

Need Help From the Textbook?

Hydrology & Meteorology: Unit 8
Landforms & Rapid/Slow Changes to Land: Unit 6
Pedology: Unit 7

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