The study of matter and energy and the interaction between the two


– BrainPOP Jr.: Pushes and pulls
– BrainPOP Jr.: Magnets
– BrainPOP: Magnetism
– Brain Pop Jr.: Gravity

Thermal Energy

– BrainPOP Jr.: Types of energy
– BrainPOP: Forms of energy
– Brain Pop Jr.: Heat
– Discovery Education: Heat and light
– Discovery Education: Thermal and light energy
– Discovery Education: Heat, temperature, and energy

Light Energy

– BrainPOP Jr.: Light energy
– BrainPOP: Solar energy
– Deadly 60: Shadows
– The Magic School Bus: Gets a Bright Idea

      – BBC: Spellman’s Circus Hall of Mirrors

Simple Machines

– BrainPOP Jr.: Simple machines
– BrainPOP: Inclined planes
– BrainPOP: Levers
– BrainPOP: Wheel and axle
– BrainPOP: Pulleys
– Discovery Education: Simple machines
– Discovery Education: Simple & compound machines

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Unit 5: Forces and Work

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